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SAC Management Plans for Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership

20 January 2017
We are currently preparing Management Plans for Reas Wood and Farrs Bay on the shores of Lough Neagh. The Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership is funded by HLF and aims to put heritage conservation at the heart of rural regeneration. Local, regional and national organisations work together to make a real difference to landscapes and communities for the long term. This is done by conserving habitats at landscape-scale, promoting joined-up management, reviving long-lost skills, and much more. These Management Plans are part of this new landscape ecology initiative..
The Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership will focus on 4 key strands of work - the lough’s wetlands, peatlands and boglands will be restored, the local community will benefit from new skills development and training opportunities, built heritage and archaeological sites will be conserved and researched, the project will help to regenerate the areas around the lough shore to make them better places to live. It will also provide training and volunteering opportunities